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Times change

Much can happen.

Work...employment....the great gobbler of time and energy has appeared again. Though this is not without welcome, as most can attest, we need an income path for sustainability, the event slows this effort down.

So collateral damage serves as an unwelcome byproduct, as my time consuming flow to satisfy this creative side has now slowed to a trickle. And there is much to do, as past months have generated multiple irons in the fire.

And another challenge presents itself, as a recent fall on winter's ice has translated into broken bone of the hand. So, having only one arm and a dull ache has ceased production. This manufacturing line is down waiting on maintenance.

Someone else's picture of the week...Caravaggio's "The Calling of St Mathew"...1600. The use of light...the juxtaposition of the scene into his present time.

And back to portraits. One needs multiple studies to get someone captured correctly. So a final version typically has 4 or 5 prior attempts. Someday late spring day perhaps a final version.

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