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Sometimes you just need to talk to somebody

The intent of this "blog" is to enable some level of collaboration on this creative pursuit of mine. My old ways must slip away. New ways must fill the void.

My current focus/energy are 1) portraits - especially to capture someone in a natural state and 2) sketches (especially intrigued with Japanese papers). I'm possessed with capturing my niece's family....that's one of the old Andean man is in there, too.

But I'm currently curious about how sloppy this is....especially the images. Taking photos ain't easy as I have a tremor these days. Comments are welcome.

Picture of the Week

"Someone else's" picture of the week: I liked this, but now I don't know where I saw it.

Wood Carvings from left....the shorebird is from a piece of burl buckeye purchased from Bob Morgan's Woodworking about 30 years ago? The racehorse follows the Early Times Turf Classic logo...those two I "whittled"....the pintail duck is from Herman operator in Texas City, Texas...maybe 1982?

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